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Lily O'Riley - Search Results


  • Toy Tryout: Hankey's Rentman

    Lily ust got a new toy and she's super excited to test it out! She marvels over how large it is, then starts the process of warming up her tight little pussy so the toy can havea chance of fitting inside. Working up to 3 fingers comes quickly, then the giant dildo softly splits her open as she works the length inside. Her little pink lips struggle to wrap around the super girthy toy and she can't help but moan and whimper at the pressure from taking it. Rubbing her clit helps distract her from how stretched out the thick dick makes her and soon her little hole is pulsing and cumming, squirting super hard just from taking the relentless invader. Next she hops up on her knees to ride it, giving you a perfect view of her super fat clit as she rolls her hips and takes all that length so deep you'd almost expect to see her belly bulge from how full she is. Full and fucked into cumming over and over on the rentman's long thick cock... feat. Rentman from Hankey's TOYS

  • Snap Show: Clitoral Sucker Toy Test

  • Toy Tryout: Vixskin Bronco

    Trying out new TOYS is always so much fun, especially when it's a super thick realistic dildo like the Bronco. I make sure to give it a very thorough test, stretching my jaw around it's girth as I get it nice and wet before slowly stuffing the massive toy into my tight pussy. The huge cock fills me completely and I grind myself onto it in missionary as I hold my Doxy wand to my clit. When I shift to doggystyle I can't help but drive myself back onto the thick shaft, convulsing on the dick as I cum over and over again and soak the bed with my uncontrollable squirting. In true toy tryout style the whole video is full of my dirty talk and breathless narration of how good it feels inside me. feat. the Bronco Vixskin X

  • Toy Tryout: Double Dildo DP

    In the interest of working through my toy tryouts a bit quicker I've decided to tackle this pair of TOYS at the same time! In my standard toy tryout style I start off talking about the two dildos and comparing them before deciding what's going to go where. From there we start vaginally, sliding one sleek toy inside and talking you through how it feels inside me, before nervously lubing up my ass and working the second dildo inside. After that it starts with anal orgasms followed by even more orgasms (and so much messy squirting) once I stuff my pussy full and begin fucking both holes at once. (To date, this is the only double-penetration video I've ever filmed.)

  • Snap Show: New Toy Tryout - Sola Cue

    Every time I pick up a new toy I have to bring it along for y'all to watch - today it's a sleek new vibrator and a lot of foreplay. I take my time teasing and caressing my pale curves as I lay tangled up in my sheets, before pulling out the toy and showing you all the ways it makes me cum (including a bed-soaking amount of squirting at the end).

  • Toy Tryout: Indra

    When I had the chance to try out a knotty dragon dildo from a local company I just couldn't say no, so that's how I wound up in front of all my Premium subscribers as I get myself all worked up in preparation to take the toy for a ride. After some intense nipple pinching play I can't help but pull out my cordless magic wand and cum a few times through my panties before impatiently stripping and showing off my soaked pink pussy and thick clit. Once I've cum again it's time to lube up the textured, veiny toy and ride it in cowgirl so that you get the perfect view of my big clit and the way my lips spread to take the girth as I struggle to fit the knot inside me. I turn into a mess as I desperately ride the knot and cum, letting you watch from the front and back as I squirt over and over again. feat. Indra the dragon from Fantasticocks *Discounted Due To Moderate Audio Glitches*

  • Toy Tryout: Fun Factory Bouncer

    Another toy tryout! I've been lusting after the Fun Factory Bouncer dildo ever since it showed up in my mailbox, so I couldn't help dressing up in some matching lingerie (mostly because my puffy pink nipples look so sexy when they're cupped by a balconette bra) and giving it a very thorough trial run. I start with a little nipple play to get myself nice and wet, then fuck myself with the thick, ridged toy in a variety of positions as I explore all the ways it makes me squirt. You get to watch up close as it slides inside and makes me cum with my wrinkled soles on full display.

  • Snap Show: New Toy Tryout - PF Troll

    Trying out Pleasure Forge's Troll toy (and the Doxy die-cast vibrating wand) for my premium was certainly an experience - getting used to the girth and size of the huge toy as it stretches me out pulls the sexiest noises out of me and you get to watch my fat clit swell and pretty pink lips open up as I take it balls-deep inside me. Stuffing myself full of this monster cock makes me cum and cum until I can't take any more - I think this one was definitely what I'd consider a keeper.

  • Toy Tryout: Uberrime Deep Diver

    Lily's been looking for an excuse to try out her new tentacle toy, so when she has a quiet moment she warms up by deepthroating the thick toy before fingering her soaked pussy and fitting the tentacle's curve and all its teasing suckers snugly against her g-spot. When she pulls out a clit vibe you can watch her lips pulse as she grinds hard against the girthy curve and cums over and over again. Soon the invading tentacle has her squirting all over the bed, which only gets wetter and messier with her vibrating wand involved. At the end she's taken all of the tentacle deep inside and completely soaked the bed feat. Deep Diver from Uberrime, We-Vibe Touch & Doxy Wand

  • Toy Tryout: Uberrime Vivo

    Quiet days are some of the best times for toy tryouts, so let's hang out and have a go at the Uberrime Vivo - it's a perfect gspot toy that makes me absolutely soak the bed, no matter whether I'm riding it or laying back and stroking it deep and hard.

  • YouTube Crackers Tryout

    On a whim I started a YT channel to review TOYS ...which means I have to try them out first! This time I'm tackling the largest toy I own - Bad Dragon's Crackers - to see if I can use it well enough to merit a review. My style is conversational, but it still gets hot and heavy fairly quickly as I struggle to try and fit the enormous toy inside. You'll get to watch from two angles as I attempt to tackle the toy in a variety of positions, providing narration and feedback as I enjoy the struggle (and find more than a few ways to cum all over the massive toy.

  • Toy Tryout: Krampus

    Getting ready to do some toy testing means soft, sloppy fingering and pussy spreading, then rubbing my thick clit and fingerfucking my g-spot until I cum over and over again. Once I'm wet and messy I slide the toy deep into my creamy pussy, then grab a hitachi and grind on it until I'm moaning and whimpering and fully satiated. feat. Krampus from Damn Average *DISCOUNTED DUE TO AUDIO GLITCHES*

  • Toy Tryout: Uberrime Splendid

    Another day means another toy tryout and today I'm pairing a super girthy realistic dildo with one of my favorite vibrating wands in a combination that leaves my cough soaked and me utterly satisfied. Driving the veiny girth of the thick dildo into my pussy lets you hear every wet, sloppy sound (in a phenomenon my fans have dubbed

  • Toy Tryout: Rauchana

    Today's toy tryout involves the Rauchana from Xenocat Artifacts (a sexy spiraled pink dildo) and quite a bit of slow, sensual orgasms as I strip down and take my time enjoying this toy's curves. I ride it in a variety of positions, letting it stretch me out as I cum over and over again. *Discounted due to severe audio glitches*

  • Sensual GFE Lioness Toy Show

    Laying in bed with Lily is amazing, but if you can't be there then having her talk you through how badly she wants you is definitely the next best thing. She starts off topless and sweet, then peels off her adorable bikini panties and moves you into position to perfectly watch her slide her fingers all soft and slow into her wet, pink pussy. Soon she's using her little grey rabbit vibe and sweetly begging you to make her cum, talking to you just like you were there as she grinds the toy deep into her pussy and cums hard for you.

  • Toy Tryout: Self-Thrusting Dildo

    One of my most popular YouTube videos regards a self-thrusting dildo and I just happened to find a recording of my very first toy tryout with it! I start off giving it a very thorough blowjob to test the texture, then spread open my soft pink lips and let it deep inside. Once I've tried it out in the traditional way (rubbing my clit and thrusting it deep inside to make me squirt) I can't help but turn on the thrusting feature and give it the opportunity to bury itself cervix-deep in my pussy. I wind up in a neverending loop of orgasms until all I can do is rub my hard clit and let it fuck me until I can't help but squirt all over the bed.

  • Toy Tryout: Her Ultimate Pleasure

    If you haven't seen the Her Ultimate Pleasure toy that's been circulating around Twitter you might be missing out - it has a fascinating combo of suction and licking action that made it a multi-orgasmic pleasure to test out. I talk you through the features before taking a moment to test it out on my wet and willing body. I start by fucking myself with the vibrating handle, then once I'm swollen and needy I seal the suction over my throbbing clit and let it lick me until I can't cum any longer.

  • Toy Tryout: Equinox

    Toy tryouts occasionally introduce me to unexpected finds, like this weirdly shaped little dildo from Xenocat - with its bifurcated head, tentacle-inspired shaft and petite size I was so curious to see if it'd be satisfying. I start off running my hands all over my pale skin, teasing myself as I prepare for my alien encounter. Stroking the shaft along my skin lets me luxuriate in the strangeness of the texture as it opens me up and uses that broad head to repeatedly hit my g-spot until I squirt over and over again. *DISCOUNTED DUE TO MODERATE AUDIO GLITCHES*

  • Anally Taking the Alien Probe Thing

    Summertime is for quickies, especially when they include the awesome Anal Probe Thing toy - I start up already naked and lube up the massive toy before working on slowly introducing it into my tight little asshole. I can't believe how tight I am, so I grab my cordless Hitachi and use it to relax a little as I struggle to stuff the huge toy inside me. I didn't have the stamina to take the whole thing, but just the stretch of trying to accommodate the girthy head with the vibe pressed tight against my clit was enough to trigger a super intense orgasm. (and I even give the toy a cute little lick at the end before showing off my stretched hole)

  • 4K Post-Pumping Edging & Squirting

    Picking up where UP CLOSE PUSSY PUMPING left off, Lily starts with showing you her incredibly puffy pink lips before lubing up her tight little asshole for a sexy glass plug in anticipation of an extended edging session. Watch as she slowly shoves the plug inside, moaning and describing the stretch as she goes. With the see-through toy filling her up Lily goes back to showing off her fat, wet labia before fucking her sensitive pussy with a metal g-spot toy that rubs her hot little cunt just right as it wiggles the plug inside her ass. She's too sensitive to edge herself while getting fucked like that, so she pulls out a doxy wand and feathers the vibrations on her clit while moaning and begging. Every time she gets close to cumming her well-pumped lips pulse and you can see the cream drip out of her needy cunt. As the minutes crawl past she gets more and more incoherent, begging so prettily for you to let her cum as she brings herself to the edge over and over again. When she's finally allowed to cum she grabs the metal toy and soaks the bed over and over again as she fucks her creamy pussy hard and deep until she physically can't take any more.