Toy Tryout: Indra

Portfolio Preview

When I had the chance to try out a knotty dragon dildo from a local company I just couldn't say no, so that's how I wound up in front of all my Premium subscribers as I get myself all worked up in preparation to take the toy for a ride. After some intense nipple pinching play I can't help but pull out my cordless magic wand and cum a few times through my panties before impatiently stripping and showing off my soaked pink pussy and thick clit. Once I've cum again it's time to lube up the textured, veiny toy and ride it in cowgirl so that you get the perfect view of my big clit and the way my lips spread to take the girth as I struggle to fit the knot inside me. I turn into a mess as I desperately ride the knot and cum, letting you watch from the front and back as I squirt over and over again. feat. Indra the dragon from Fantasticocks *Discounted Due To Moderate Audio Glitches*