I stand 5’6” with an athletically curvy build that strongly resembles that of a swimmer.

My skin is fair and freckled with zero chance of tan lines - I take care to stay out of the sun.

I generally wear dress size 12 - my measurements are 38-30-42 - and 8.5 US / 39 EU shoes.

My gleaming red hair is long - reaching mid-back - and shaved on both sides; it can easily be parted to conceal the shaved portions or swept to one side to display them.

I’m tattooed on my right arm from shoulder to elbow, left side from rib to hip and have a small sternum piece.



If you are a photographer, videographer or verifiable fellow model interested in collaborations and you would like to be notified when I’m traveling to your state please fill out the information below and I’ll message you up to a month in advance of when I’ll be traveling through your area, giving you plenty of time to arrange for us to shoot together.



Clothed/lingerie: 80/hr

boudoir, non-messy fetish, etc

Art nude: 100/hr

non-explicit, no spread or touching

Messy fetish: 140/hr

anything requiring a shower/extensive cleanup

Explicit nude: 160/hr

including pink/spread, no penetration

Explicit nude: 250/hr

Including penetration, toys, etc

Explicit nude: 280/hr

including another model, no penetration or toys

Explicit nude: 380/hr

including another model and penetration or toys

Explicit nude shoot content must be cleared with me via email and at shoot


Clothed Solo/Partnered: 220/hr

non-messy fetish, light sexual content

Nude Solo: 250/hr

non-messy fetish, masturbation, no toys

Nude Solo: 300/hr

messy fetish and/or masturbation with toys

Partnered: 400/hr GG

Partnered: 500/hr BG

nude content with another model

All video shoot content must be cleared with me via email and at shoot

Studios with set half/day rates - please contact me with a link to your content and we may be able to come to an agreement


I do not engage in sexual contact with photographers/videographers; this includes POV and "self-shot" content requests.

Hard Limits


Bareback penetration, creampies, extensive body fluid contact Age play - depends on specific content
Anal penetration (partnered or toys) Consensual non-consent (rape play)
Harming animals or suggestive content with animals Activities that will mark (bruising/welts/etc)
Vomit/feces (real or simulated), other people's blood Bondage
Race play (includes white supremacist imagery)


If you’d like to book me for a shoot please make sure to give me as much information as possible regarding proposed content, shoot dates, wardrobe/mua/etc and any other details I may need, including links to your portfolio or published content.

My shoot calendar is booked at least a week in advance, so please give me as much notice as possible if you’d like to work together.