Toy Tryout: Vixskin Bronco

Portfolio Preview

Trying out new toys is always so much fun, especially when it's a super thick realistic dildo like the Bronco. I make sure to give it a very thorough test, stretching my jaw around it's girth as I get it nice and wet before slowly stuffing the massive toy into my tight pussy. The huge cock fills me completely and I grind myself onto it in missionary as I hold my Doxy wand to my clit. When I shift to doggystyle I can't help but drive myself back onto the thick shaft, convulsing on the dick as I cum over and over again and soak the bed with my uncontrollable squirting. In true toy tryout style the whole video is full of my dirty talk and breathless narration of how good it feels inside me. feat. the Bronco Vixskin X