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Lily O'Riley - Search Results


  • Lesbian Magic Remote 2

    After the events of LESBIAN MAGIC REMOTE sweet student Momo has returned in an attempt to reclaim her stolen panties. This works out about as well as you'd expect - Annabelle zaps her with the magic remote, then the girls spank her, rub her cute little clit and make her orgasm using Lily's powerful Doxy wand. By the end of it all it seems like Momo might not be quite as reluctant as she was...I doubt this'll be the last we'll see of her.

  • Brock Livingstone CBT BJ

    When Brock suggests a little playtime despite his being locked away in chastity I had to rise to the challenge, indulging in a chemistry-fueled blend of cock worship and cbt that eventually got him hard enough that he broke the cage apart with his needy cock. I love toying with him, so our casual hookup indulges all my favorite kinks on his willing body, from soft kisses and deepthroating to cock slapping and ball biting. Brock takes it all with eagerness, letting out little whimpers and squirming as I hurt him, which only serves to get me more turned on as we play. He really does a marvelous job of bottoming for me.

  • CCD Studios: Tape Bound

    When I got talked into trying out some tape bondage it seemed like a fun time, so I laid there politely while my ankles were wrapped up nice and tight and took getting my wrists methodically taped up in stride (even though he kept spanking my ass through the process.) Once he started wrapping a tape gag firmly around my mouth I knew I was in trouble and started squirming to see if I could escape. Needless to say, escaping just wasn't an option and no amount of wiggling helped get me away from his rough hands on my breasts and the way he manhandled me around to bed to spank my ass and tickle my sides. You get great views of my jiggling tits and toned legs as I exhaust myself trying to escape his methodical spanking. (and yes, you can see him check in with me a few times - this is all consensual and we were having fun with it) feat. CCD Studios

  • Bianca Baker: Tied and Spanked

  • Birthday Spankings

    It's not a birthday without some spanking! I show off my perfectly pale little booty before giving myself hand spanks, a mild flogging and finishing up with a solid slut-paddling. By the end I'm pink, sore and very pleased to show off my handiwork.

  • Face Slapped by Bianca Baker

    What's better than a little topless face slapping between friends? Bianca's never gotten to slap a girl before, so when I volunteer as tribute she gets to explore her new fetish with me. I happen to love face slapping, as well, so I drop readily into subspace as she grabs my hair to hold me in position and turns my cheeks pink with her intense attentions. She slaps me continuously for over 5 minutes, getting progressively more tuned on each time she hits me and comparing it to how it feels to slap a man. By the end of it I'm a floaty, blissed out mess and she's feeling incredibly smug. feat. Bianca Baker

  • Bad Roommate 6 - Surprise Spanking

    After two rounds of incredibly passionate kissing - and a re-evaluation of her sexual orientation - Lily is more than willing to play along and see what surprise Irene's offering. Of course, being Irene, the surprise is a painful and unwanted spanking. Lily struggles and sasses, but Irene spanks her until she's red and sore.

  • Nipple Play Orgasm

    Did you know that I can cum just from nipple play? I start off wearing a tiny crop top and teasing myself through the fabric with my perfectly manicured nails, pinching and pressing on my sensitive nipples as I gently gasp and whimper. Once I pull the top up I'm aching for more contact and unrelentingly tease my hard pink nipples, dragging my nails across them as I pinch and tug. The contrast of my green nails against pale skin is hypnotic and my soft moans and heavy breathing as I get more and more turned on can't help but draw you in. It all builds to a sharp creschendo as I cum just from the focused nipple play, no toys or other stimulation needed. If you love nipple play, manicured nails and hands-free orgasms, this is one you definitely need.

  • Satin Gloved Nipple Play

    Lily has such a kink for her feish clothing, so nothing feels sexier than pulling on an opera length pair of satin gloves to pair with her high necked black dress and over-the-knee leather boots. When she's all dressed up like this she can't help but give in to her need to touch, stroking her gloves all over her soft tits, playing with her perky pink nipples and grinding against the bed until she can't help but cum. The focus stays mostly on her soft breasts and perfect nipples as she loves playing with her soft satin gloves.

  • Snap Show: Slime Play

    I love playing with slime - feeling it ooze along the curve of my breasts and pool sticky and slick between my thighs - so I fill up a carafe with the slimy pink stuff and pour it all over, coating everything from my hair to my toes. By the end I'm incredibly wet and messy, completely slippery and so turned on that I can't help but grab an uberrime dildo and fuck myself to some intensely squirting orgasms while showing off my sexy soles.

  • Snap Show: Gloved Play

    After a long day of filming glove fetish clips a girl needs to blow off some steam, so I leave my sexy nitrile gloves on and give my premium viewers a hell of a show. I start off with some fun little mouth play, then move on to teasing my pretty pink nipples until I'm a whimpering mess. From there it's down to just my tiny thong and showing off my sexy feet and soles as I cum and squirt for you until I can't take any more.

  • Snap Show: Motorbunny Play

    I recently picked up a Motorbunny to try out, so you get to watch as I give it a very thorough tryout. I grind on it as I let the soft nubs bring me to orgasm before turning it on and seeing why it's able to compare with similar toys like the Sybian and Tremor. This means you get a great view of all my back-to-back orgasms as I writhe and cum my brains out on top of this sexy little machine. I even turn it up to max at the end just to see how many orgasms I can stand before I tap out.

  • Snap Show: Rainy Car Play

    Rainy days and mostly empty parking lots are the perfect excuse to strip down and masturbate in a very sneaky fashion. The lot lights are the perfect illumination as I pull my yoga pants halfway down my thighs and finger my needy pussy until I'm cumming over and over again. You get to hear about my fantasies of being caught and mandated to suck the security guard's cock as I make myself cum as many times as I can before having to scramble to get dressed to avoid getting caught for real. *DISCOUNTED DUE TO AUDIO GLITCHES*

  • Smelly Feet Feminization 3

    [CUSTOM] Your journey as my cute little shoe-sniffing girl is definitely coming to a middle - in this installment I show off the thigh highs and heels that I stole from your wife while discussing my plans to feminize you even further. I've soaked my stink into her mylon and pumps, deep into the insoles. This doesn't stop you from having her wear them every time I steal them, getting her feet scented like my superior ones so that you can sniff my scent off of her while you fuck. I'm even going to bring your wife into our play! I've seduced her into playing a fun little game with you - you're going to be so surprised when you find out what she has in store for you...

  • Sensual Red Balloon

    I'm in the mood to play with a squishy friend, so I take my time sensually blowing up a red latex balloon as I appreciate the squeak and shine. (I'm having so much fun you can see my nipples are hard by the time I get it blown big and round) Then I play a little, stroking my pale skin before slipping out of the stretchy spandex thong that hugged my hips and grabbing a bottle of lube. My long sexy toes caress the balloon, resting on top while I get nice and soaked and ready to play. Once we're both wet I start off by gently rubbing its surface against my pussy (you can barely see the details through the stretched latex) but quickly move to grinding down on the balloon as I kneel over it. As I get closer to cumming from the slick sensations I lose my top, giving myself over to the feeling as I moan and bring myself to a soft, shudering orgasm. Afterwards I lick the balloon clean, loving the taste of myself off its smooth, shiny surface. This just gets me turned on all over again and I have to spin around, bouncing my pussy on the balloon until I cum again and again, giving you the perfect view of my soft, round ass as I ride my little latex lover to satiation.

  • Snap Show: Njoy Play

    Not technically one of my New Toy Tryout videos, this sexy little snap show invoves me sliding out of my button-up and pajama pants in order to tease myself until I'm so wet you can hear my fingers in my soaked pussy. When I can't take any more teasing I grab my smallest Njoy wand (the aptly-named Fun Wand) and grind it hard against my g-spot, drawing orgasms out of my creamy pussy. After adding the Satisfyer for a little extra stimulation I end by squirting all over the couch.

  • Close-Up Clit Play

    I can't keep my hands off of my thick little clit and I know how you love to watch, so come in close and gaze upon my pretty pink lips as I cum for you in all the ways I love. I start off by tugging on it as it lengthens, swells and becomes so much more sensitive. Once my clit is throbbing and needy I tease myself with toys, bringing out my satisfyer to suckle at it and then pumping it to attention with a little bit of suction. I finally finish by holding a little glass dildo just underneath the bud as I quiver and cum uncontrollably.

  • Playing Hooky Pt 01

    This sexy little schoolgirl has a secret under her skirt...and she's going to lean back against the headboard and let you watch as she explores it. Thoroughly. Watch me finger myself to a series of whimpering, muffled orgasms as I cover my mouth and bite my lip trying to stay quiet. You'll get a great view up my skirt and a front-row seat to every reaction...this one is definitely worth a look

  • Playing Hooky Pt 02

    This bad little schoolgirl has a whole day off and a great idea of how to spend it - watch as I get on my hands and knees on the bed and let my hand go to work under that pretty skirt of mine. You won't actually see what's going on under there, but my facial expressions and needy little whimpers paint quite the vivid picture...and my heaving tits are more than enough to keep your attention

  • Playing in Plaid Pt 01

    Sometimes a shy little masturbation session is all Schoolgirl Lily needs to unwind before refocusing on her homework...she intersperses bashful moments of eye contact with raising her skirt and giving you glimpses underneath before fingering herself to a couple quiet orgasms