Bianca Baker: Tied and Spanked

Portfolio Preview

"Bianca and I love to play around and explore new fetishes when we're together, so when she heard that I had a little rope bondage experience she just had to have me tie her up and have my way with her. There's a little over a minute of talking and tying at the beginning, then once I have her at my mercy I take my time slapping and manhandling her cute floppy tits as she squirms and reacts. Once her tits are red and sore I put her over my knee for an extended barehanded OTK spanking session, making her soft little ass jiggle as my hand cracks off of her cheeks again and again. If you enjoy watching two gals being pals with lots of explicit consent seeking and boundary negotiation (and playful wisecracking) this is one for your spank bank. feat. Bianca Baker "