CCD Studios: Tape Bound

Portfolio Preview

When I got talked into trying out some tape bondage it seemed like a fun time, so I laid there politely while my ankles were wrapped up nice and tight and took getting my wrists methodically taped up in stride (even though he kept spanking my ass through the process.) Once he started wrapping a tape gag firmly around my mouth I knew I was in trouble and started squirming to see if I could escape. Needless to say, escaping just wasn't an option and no amount of wiggling helped get me away from his rough hands on my breasts and the way he manhandled me around to bed to spank my ass and tickle my sides. You get great views of my jiggling tits and toned legs as I exhaust myself trying to escape his methodical spanking. (and yes, you can see him check in with me a few times - this is all consensual and we were having fun with it) feat. CCD Studios