• Smelly Feet Secretary Vlog

    Secretary Lily is sneaking in a little vlog to tell y'all about how she took her uptight boss and turned him into a helpless little foot slave. You get a beautiful view of her stocking-clad feet as she talks about using her smelly nylons and stinky nude pumps to turn him into her devoted foot licker. She even tells him about how he'll have to think about her feet before he fucks his wife... (Includes: men in panties, cum in panties, coerced infidelity, foot sniffing, stinky feet, office ROLEPLAY , secretary)

  • Bound and Edged Pt 01

    The initial half of Masturbatory Reprogramming therapy is focused on bringing the subject to the edge repeatedly without allowing them to orgasm. While the subject is bound, Nurse Lily and her latex gloves work over every inch of the offending organ, much to the subject's displeasure.

  • Arousal Balm

    Your cute girlfriend Lily bought a tin of mysterious Arousal Balm from the dubiously­legitimate store downtown and decided to try it out ­ for science! ­ on camera for you. Watch and see what effects it has...does it live up to its name?

  • Poison Ivy Origin

    Researcher Lily is working hard in the greenhouse when she suddenly spots a strange plant - could this be the cause of all the aberrant growth? As she moves closer to examine the specimen it belches a pale sap onto her skin that causes some interesting effects. First there's the hot flashes, causing her to shed her professional lab coat and attire. Then the need to stroke the strange plant and smear the sap along her skin. The final phase begins when she gives in to the urge to finger her needy pussy and leads to uncontrollable orgasm after orgasm as she squirts and cums until her legs give out. Will she be able to escape the plant's control?

  • Punishing the Panty Stealer

    The family reunion is absolutely the wrong place to try to get laid (unless you're Cousin Vinnie, as you can see from STEP COUSIN TABOO HOOKUP) and it seems like he's back for more. After our last encounter I just can't find any of my panties even though I know I packed enough for the whole reunion and when I'm about to give up my annoying step-cousin comes in with one of my dirty pairs pressed up against his face! I can't have him running away with all my underwear, so I decide to punish him by sitting on his face. Maybe if he gets tired of the way my pussy tastes I can actually keep my dirty panties in the laundry for once. As you can expect, this backfires splendidly and I wind up grinding and cumming all over my step-cousins face before throwing him out of the room when I can't take any more. Featuring: Vinnie O'Neill