Deadly Dangling

Portfolio Preview

In some sort of alternate reality, men are ruled by women and are not allowed to have sex unless given permission. Some are so desperate that they'll participate in crazy masturbation games online with sexy camgirls like Lily. Lily has an audience of hundreds of horny guys watching, and she explains the rules of today's jerk-off game. We are allowed to jerk off but we can't cum unless we win the game. The game has 7 rounds. Each round, Lily dangles her high heels on her toes, slipping them off her heel and letting them hang precariously. Our challenge is to guess which shoe she will drop each round, the left or the right? We must enter our guess into our computers so that The Network has our guesses locked in for good... Lily toys with us, switching between dangling her left and her right shoes several times... She smiles and teases us, Which one do you think it will be this time?? Our guess is important because, if we guess correctly, we continue jerking off and move to the next round of the game.... But if we guess incorrectly, we will be assassinated instantly and be defunct in horrible agony! Everyone making a wrong guess will be zapped stiff by The Network the moment Lily drops her shoe....[CUSTOM]