• Lily in the Window

    I've become quite the windowsill EXHIBITIONIST of me bask in the sunlight as I finger myself and cum over and over, with plenty of sexy close­ups and enticing views of my arched feet included.

  • Sneakered Sexercise

    Nothing gets me all worked up like a day in the gym and today was no exception. Halfway through my workout I decided to sneak a little self-satisfaction...but since someone could've walked in at any time I was in a bit too much of a hurry to strip down totally and I have to rub one out while still wearing my sports bra and neon blue sneakers. Throughout the clip you can see my muscular calves flexing and releasing as the tension builds and I even added in a slow-mo recap with a close-cropped focus on just my legs and comfortably broken in sneakers as I come to a shuddering orgasm

  • Balcony Exhibition

    I couldn't help but take a moment to enjoy the warm weather ­ I sneak out on the balcony to masturbate and manage to rub one out before running inside to avoid my neighbor.

  • Snap Show: Airport Masturbation

    I have a terrible time behaving in public (and it's even worse when I travel) so when I had a long layover in the airport I ducked into the public restroom to rub one out while dressed in my super casual traveling gear. Watch me strip out of my tight leggings, play with my pretty pink nipples and try to sneakily cum without alerting any of the other occupants to what I'm doing. It gets a bit risky, but that's what makes it fun!

  • Snap Show: Airport Restroom Masturbation

  • Chitown Windowsill

    Showing off from my hotel room's window is delightfully deviant, so of course I can't help curling up in the sunlight and fingering myself to a quiet little orgasm.

  • Secretary Self-Pleasuring

    While the boss is away the staff will play...and in this video I sneak into my boss' office while he's a couple floors down in a meeting in order to show off my silky, stocking-covered legs and perfectly perky breasts before propping my heels up on his fancy desk and fingering myself to a much-needed orgasm

  • Snap Show: Parking Lot Mastb

    After a chemistry-laden photoshoot I had to take a moment to burn off some of that tension for my Premium members (before even leaving the parking lot), so I hike up my long dress and tease myself through my panties while talking about what I needy mess I am. Soon enough I'm sliding my fingers into my wet pussy and driving myself toward the orgasms I so desperately need, even as cars roll past my parking space. I try so hard to be quiet, but it's hard when it feels so good. *Discounted due to minor audio glitches*

  • Train Masturbation

    One of my favorite things about taking the train are the spacious, private bathrooms...I take a moment to shove my casual clothes out of the way and indulge in some self-gratification, though I have to be quick enough to avoid drawing undue attention.