Snap Show: Jeep Seatbelt Masturbation

Portfolio Preview

I'd had my eye on my friend's Jeep for a while, so when they left me alone with it for an afternoon I just had to take the chance to climb inside and play around! I love their 4-point harness - something about the smooth, shiny webbing really gets me all hot and bothered - and the camlock connecter is sexy as hell. Once inside I take a little time to strip down - shimmying out of my pants and pulling up my crop top - before locking the seatbelts into place and sliding my panties to the side so I can finger myself to orgasm over and over again. With my foot up on the dash it perfectly shows off my long, pale legs and keeps my pretty pink pussy on display, so if you're into watching insatiable redheads cum in cars this is one worth keeping.