• Smelly Feet Secretary Vlog

    Secretary Lily is sneaking in a little vlog to tell y'all about how she took her uptight boss and turned him into a helpless little foot slave. You get a beautiful view of her stocking-clad feet as she talks about using her smelly nylons and stinky nude pumps to turn him into her devoted foot licker. She even tells him about how he'll have to think about her feet before he fucks his wife... (Includes: men in panties, cum in panties, coerced infidelity, foot sniffing, stinky feet, office roleplay, secretary)

  • Smelly Feet Feminization 3

    [CUSTOM] Your journey as my cute little shoe-sniffing girl is definitely coming to a middle - in this installment I show off the thigh highs and heels that I stole from your wife while discussing my plans to feminize you even further. I've soaked my stink into her mylon and pumps, deep into the insoles. This doesn't stop you from having her wear them every time I steal them, getting her feet scented like my superior ones so that you can sniff my scent off of her while you fuck. I'm even going to bring your wife into our play! I've seduced her into playing a fun little game with you - you're going to be so surprised when you find out what she has in store for you...

  • Smelly Feet Feminization 2

    Remember our fun little playtime from SMELLY FEET FEMINIZATION? I've caught you focusing on my pumps again and since we're all alone in the office I can't help but take the chance to turn you into my little foot girl again. Focus in on my stinky scented pumps. Sniff deeply. Get drawn in to the rhythm of my voice and the feeling of being a good girl for me. You've been so good, stealing your wife's flats and wearing them with a pair of my hose. I love the way you focus in on my soles and want to lick the stink off of them... I've even feminized another of the office workers - a college temp named Dany - to use as a plaything and seduce you into cheating on your wife for me. It all culminates when I pull out my camera to record you while you're being a little slut under my influence.

  • Bad Roommate 3 - Smell My Feet

    After being subdued in a very embarrassing set of wrestling matches Lily isn't exactly trusting of Irene's request to check the pain in her foot. Irene's up to no good again, it seems, and her small favor leads to imposing Lily to smell and lick her sweaty, dirty feet as the poor girl struggles to get away.

  • Cellphone Filmed Feet

    Schoolgirl Lily knows how much you love getting to look at her gorgeous pale soles and long, delicate toes... so she shows them off for you. As you run the camera she flexes and wiggles, scrunches and stretches her toes and soles to give you a proper eye-ful. She's very focused on her task, occasionally glancing up to smile shyly at you as you focus on her sexy feet.

  • Close-Up Dirty Feet Show with JOI

    Lily's got a pair of dirty soles and a deep desire to tease someone with a foot fetish, so it looks like it's your lucky day! She starts off with showing her wrinkly soles and talking about how soft and sexy they'd be wrapped around your cock, then shows off the smooth pale tops of her feet before returning to her soles and so sweetly taking you through a soft and sexy JOI with her wrinkly soles front and center so you can watch them flex as she begs you to dirty them up with your cum. If you'd like something special, why not contact me for a custom? MANYVIDS ONLY (INCLUDE BELOW DESCRIPTION): / Lily O'Riley - LilyOhRiley -

  • Smelly Feet Feminization

    I've noticed you staring at my shoes and stocking-clad legs during the day as we sit in the office and I can't help but use them against you. Listen as I have you sniff my stinky shoes and become my sweet little girl before having wear a pair of silky panties home. [CUSTOM]

  • At My Gamer Feet

    Relaxing during a quiet bath is so delightful; you can just barely see my fingers working between my thighs as I pinch and play with my puffy pink nipples. I work myself to a gentle orgasm as the water laps over my chest, all with the focus on my pretty tits and pouty lips.

  • Cupcake Smash

    Warm summer days make me feel like taking my bare feet outside and getting into something (and today that something is absolutely demolishing three cupcakes on my front porch). I caress and tease the delicate icing before driving my long toes into the spongy cake and letting it ooze up to stickily cover my pale feet. I'm addicted to the wet, messy feeling of destroying the cupcakes so I set up two more to make sure that I have a chance to thoroughly enjoy the experience, smashing each one in a different position so you can enjoy the close ups of my pale feet, long toes and nicely manicured toenails.

  • Rejected Foot Cuckold

    Lily finally upgraded your friendship to something physical ...and then promptly downgraded it again when she realized how disappointing you were in bed! She knows you're really into feet in general and so into her sexy feet in particular that you'll be willing to be her foot cuck just to get to stay involved in her sex life. So she strips down and teases you, before giving you a close up view of her playing with a much nicer cock than yours - including that footjob you so desired - as she taunts you with how you'll never get to have her in this way. You watch her get fucked and cum all over Thixon's dick as she shows you her soles before jacking him off so that you can see the creamy cum coating her pale feet.

  • Nurse Foot JOI w/Countdown

    This soft-spoken nurse has you wrapped around her pinkie toe as she teases and taunts you with her soft, flexible soles and long smooth legs. She takes a sweet delight in describing how much you'd enjoy letting her press her feet against your face or wrap them gently around your cock. As you listen to her smooth voice and let her words take you deeper you can't help but get hard watching the movements of her feet as they glide against one another as she speaks. When she asks you to touch yourself you can't help but comply and she's more than happy to talk you through a footjob fantasy as you touch yourself and dream of shooting your cum all over her perfect toes.

  • Minor Office Distraction

    I was trying to be productive at my desk, but instead I kept getting distracted by the feeling of slipping my feet in and out of my slightly loose heels. As a result, you get a great view of my toned calves, a peek of my thighs and a excellent show of my feet and shoes.

  • Showerhead Masturbation

    Showerheads are so very sexy; I sit in the shower and allow the water to bring me to one gently rolling orgasm after another as my pale feet (with their pastel blue polish) twitch and react to every sensation - you can even see my pussy pulsing every time I cum - and I end with a cute full-body rinse

  • Post-Fuck Fingering

    After beinig thoroughly fucked out Lily can't help but take matters into her own hands, spreading her labia wide and fingerfucking her sloppy, cum-filled pussy. You get an eyeful of her sexy feet and hear every sloppy noise as she fingers her wet hole until she can't take any more

  • Lily in the Window

    I've become quite the windowsill exhibitionist of me bask in the sunlight as I finger myself and cum over and over, with plenty of sexy close­ups and enticing views of my arched feet included.

  • Gloves and Sunshine

    There's something sensuous about latex gloves ­ I pull one on and spend time caressing my body (including my pretty feet and wrinkly soles) before fingering myself to a very messy orgasm.

  • Tits and Tights Pillowhumping

    When toys are few, a pillow will do...I start off my playing with my puffy pink nipples and tights­ covered feet before grinding out a sexy little orgasm

  • Couch Lounging Calves

    [SILENT] Summer days are made for lounging on the couch - enjoy the view from two angles as I stretch, flex and massage my calves...with a bonus view of my lovely pale feet, as well.

  • Schoolgirl Foot Comparison

    Schoolgirls Lily and Nyxon compare their feet - Lily's grimy bare ones to Nyxon's clean white socked pair - and discuss their relative sizes, wrinkles and everything else that comes to mind...before ending with a cute little toe-holding session

  • LoveBox Standing Oral

    As part of my testing for the Lovebox positioning system, I had to try out the myriad options it opens up. Today I've wrangled Thrall into testing the standing oral position, so once I'm seated on the highest support arm I'm at the perfect height for him to bury his head between my thighs and lick me until I'm a quivering mess. You get a great view of my sexy feet, calves and thick thighs as I lock my legs around his head and grind on his face until I'm thoroughly satisfied (and to be quite honest this is the first time I've ever kicked the ceiling when I cum)