• Converse Calf Tease

  • Deadly Dangling

    In some sort of alternate reality, men are ruled by women and are not allowed to have sex unless given permission. Some are so desperate that they'll participate in crazy masturbation games online with sexy camgirls like Lily. Lily has an audience of hundreds of horny guys watching, and she explains the rules of today's jerk-off game. We are allowed to jerk off but we can't cum unless we win the game. The game has 7 rounds. Each round, Lily dangles her high heels on her toes, slipping them off her heel and letting them hang precariously. Our challenge is to guess which shoe she will drop each round, the left or the right? We must enter our guess into our computers so that The Network has our guesses locked in for good... Lily toys with us, switching between dangling her left and her right shoes several times... She smiles and teases us, Which one do you think it will be this time?? Our guess is important because, if we guess correctly, we continue jerking off and move to the next round of the game.... But if we guess incorrectly, we will be assassinated instantly and be defunct in horrible agony! Everyone making a wrong guess will be zapped stiff by The Network the moment Lily drops her shoe....[CUSTOM]

  • Secretary Self-Pleasuring

    While the boss is away the staff will play...and in this video I sneak into my boss' office while he's a couple floors down in a meeting in order to show off my silky, stocking-covered legs and perfectly perky breasts before propping my heels up on his fancy desk and fingering myself to a much-needed orgasm

  • Date Night Pt 02

    Continuing where Part 01 left off, my date night gets further derailed as my companion for the evening bends me over the kitchen counter and pounds me to a shuddering, squealing orgasm. You get to watch from a

  • Silent Sneaker Modeling

    Watch me lace up my galaxy print skater shoes then pose, flex, stretch and show off my sexy, pale calves for almost a full 10 mins. You'll get to enjoy my slim runner muscles with a split-screen view just to make sure you don't miss a single detail

  • You Can Leave Your Socks On SS

    Sometimes all you need is a silly little strip - I give you a show (with a little split screen feature to show the back as well) as I shimmy my way out of my t-shirt and jeans all the way down to a cute cotton thong and some crew socks before fingering myself to a couple sweet little orgasms

  • Aiming at You

    When bored in my hotel I experienced a craving for some watersports play that I couldn't help but indulge. Watch me aim at the camera, use my foot for target practice, and intermittently rub my clit to help the whole process along.

  • Chucks in the Chair

    I know you love thinking about my well­ worn I curl up in a comfy chair and take a moment to enjoy my favorite vibrator, all while giving you an excellent view of my scuffed up converse and lightly hairy pussy.

  • Defiling the Dresser

    What does a dirty girl do when presented with a pristine dresser at a fancy hotel? Climb on top and masturbate, of course! I start by showing off my pretty pale feet - caressing the perfectfly polished toes, flexing and wiggling to give you an excellent view of every arch and angle - before fingering my lightly hairy pussy to a cute little orgasm. As the camera switches between close-ups of my little pink lips and full-body shots that show off my long red hair and perky breasts I give in to my basest urge and release a trickle of urine that soon floods my seat. Watch it pool on the clear glass,spray all over my arched soles and drip off the dresser as I rub myself to orgasm until I can't cum any more. By the end I'm soaked and smug, so I spend some time giving you close ups of my long toes dripping with pee as I gently rub myself and force out what little liquid is left in my bladder. If you're into sexy redheads, manual masturbation, beautiful feetor pee play (all with quality cinematography) this is definitely a clip you need to add to your collection.

  • Pantyhose Ripping Secretary

    Your favorite sexy secretary gets a little distracted in the break room - what starts off as simply rubbing my pretty pussy through the thin fabric soon isn't enough and I have to rip an opening so you can watch me finger my g-spot and come all over my hands

  • Mirror Ridged Fuck

    Sometimes I'm just so eager I have to skip the I'm so wet that all I want it to work my thick, ridged toy into my pussy and ride it through every noisy, squirting orgasm. Perhaps it's watching my muscular calves and sexy feet encased insheer thigh highs gets you turned on? Or the sensuality of getting to see every quiver and shake reflected in the mirror? Maybe it's seeing my perfect pink nipples on display as I beg anddesperately fuck myself with the toy? No matter which part gets you off, this is a clip you won't want to miss

  • Fishnet Countertop Squirting

    Sweet, slutty Lily is all dressed up in her thigh-high fishnets and cute little collar with her little pink pussy on display. Watch her finger herself before sucking on a big black dildo and stuffing herself completely full. You can hear every sloppy noise as she fucks her wet pussy and you get a great eyeful of her fishnet wrapped toes and calves as she makes a mess squirting all over the counter. By the time she's done everything is a sloppy, soaked mess.

  • Shy Girl Dildo Fucking

    This is an older video - from my braces-wearing years - of me sneaking some self-satisfaction while my roommates were away on a shopping trip. First I show off my mesh-back panties before writhing topless on the bed while groping myself and displaying my fishnet-clad legs. I finger myself to a couple whimpering climaxes, then pull out my big realistic dildo and suck it before riding it and finally fucking myself from behind as I submit to an earth-shaking orgasm

  • Couldn't Hold It

    I've been on a hydration kick lately and part of me gets a little thrill out of seeing how long I can wait before relieving the pressure...I'm playing a waiting game by trying to postpone the inevitable until after my bottle is refilled and it backfires on me in a very messy way. I hold it in as long as I can - rubbing my distended belly, crossing and uncrossing my legs - but the need finally overcomes me and I lose control of my bladder all over the floor of the bathroom. The feeling of the soaked panties is an undeniable turn-on and I wind up rubbing out a couple shameful - and very intense - orgasms while still kneeling in the puddle.

  • Tiptoe Tabletop

    I just can't seem to behave myself in hotel rooms - while perched on a little end table I rub myself to a series of wet little orgasms before loosing my bladder all over the tabletop. You get a close up view of my pink pussy as I masturbate, multiple angles as my every reflection is featured in the mirror and you get to see and hear every bit of the pee as it splatters over my perfect pale toes and runs across the table...

  • Sleipnir Squirting

    A quiet day at home, my favorite bad dragon toy and an adorable little butt plug is just what I need to lose myself in an indulgent masturbation session I start by exposing my perky tits and playing with my puffy pink nipples until they're hard, then fingering my lightly hairy pussy until I'm soaking wet. When I can't take it anymore I slip my cute little plug in my ass and grab my girthy dildo for an orgasmic ride. Watch me pound my pussy until I squirt - giving you a front row seat to every pulsating contraction - and cum over and over until I can't take any more. You also get an amazing view of my wrinkled soles and sexy arches as my toes wiggle and spread with each orgasm.

  • Wedge FlipFlop Dangling


  • Schoolgirl Sole Tease

    Schoolgirl Lily is still a bit shy...she knows you like staring at her soft, wrinkled soles, but she hasn't worked up the nerve to talk to you about it. So while she's laying in The Pose all cute in her little plaid skirt you get to record her while she makes lots of shy eye contact and flirtatious foot wiggles.

  • Converse Fingering

    Lily's feeling a little lazy - she's made it out of her pants, but can't seem to be bothered to remove her tank top or unlaced high-top converse before settling in to rub one out. Watch her finger and caress her pretty pink pussy as she masturbates to a series of noisy little orgasms. You get a great view of her muscular calves and puffy pink nipples as she intensely fingers herself. If you'd like something special, why not contact me for a custom?

  • Date Night Pt 01

    Getting ready for date night went a little off the rails...I wound up on my knees, half-dressed and eager to suck dick (and lucky you, you get to watch). You'll get a great view of my pantyhose-clad legs, high heels and all the action from two great angles.