• Smelly Feet Feminization 3

    [CUSTOM] Your journey as my cute little shoe-sniffing girl is definitely coming to a middle - in this installment I show off the thigh highs and heels that I stole from your wife while discussing my plans to feminize you even further. I've soaked my stink into her mylon and pumps, deep into the insoles. This doesn't stop you from having her wear them every time I steal them, getting her feet scented like my superior ones so that you can sniff my scent off of her while you fuck. I'm even going to bring your wife into our play! I've seduced her into playing a fun little game with you - you're going to be so surprised when you find out what she has in store for you...

  • Snap Show: Lazy Blowjob

    At the end of a long day I settled in for a sweet, no-frills blowjob - one of my favorite things - that ended with my head being held down for an unexpected cumshot I had to swallow. If you're into girls with glasses, thick dicks being lovingly worshipped and authentic chemistry this is one clip you won't want to miss.

  • You Can Leave Your Socks On SS

    Sometimes all you need is a silly little strip - I give you a show (with a little split screen feature to show the back as well) as I shimmy my way out of my t-shirt and jeans all the way down to a cute cotton thong and some crew socks before fingering myself to a couple sweet little orgasms

  • Clamped Gagged and Dildofucked

    My girlfriend left me at home while she had some errands to run, so I raided her toy stash and decided to have a little fun. I show off my gag and nipple clamps before pulling out a purloined dildo and fucking myself to a few gentle orgasms

  • Snap Show: Experimental Masturbation

    Price reduced due to some unintentional minor audio glitch effects throughout. After an extended hiatus I was more than ready to take myself for a test drive to see if I could still cum, so join me as I curl up on the floor for a little self love. I start by fingering myself, letting you watch as my clit gets super hard and needy, before slipping a few fingers inside as I show you my wrinkly soles. After I cum a bit like that I bring in my Doxy wand so that you can watch me cum back to back until I can't take any more.

  • Fuck Me in the Library

    This smart girl feels like getting frisky in the library...I tell you (with some visual aids) about how I'd stroke your cock under the table before we sneak off and have you fuck me in a quiet room somewhere. Think I can stay quiet enough to not get caught?

  • Voyeur Shower

    Ever felt like you needed a completely authentic, utterly unscripted, delightfully voyeuristic chance to watch me shower? This has everything you need, from the gentle process as I very thoroughly shampoo and condition my long red hair to the methodical way I shave my underarms. You get to watch every moment of squeaky clean fun as I completely ignore the camera during my daily cleaning ritual.

  • Snap Show: Mid-Filming Masturbation

    So whenever I film customs I invariably get distracted by my incessant libido - this time I have to take a break right in the middle of filming to let off a little steam. You'll get to watch me finger my super-wet pussy before I take one of my knotty Bad Dragon toys to the hilt and finish myself off with my Doxy for a bunch of intense orgasms.

  • Hydration Club 13

    One of the perks of being in my Hydration Club on snapchat is getting cute little snaps like these straight to your phone every day. Not in my HC? This is the next best thing - a compilation of short pee snaps pulled at random from my snap story. In these compilations you can expect a sexy close-up view of every drop, plus the occasional tease or panty-wetting just to keep things interesting. Sometimes cute, often sensual...never degrading.

  • Shy Girl Dildo Fucking

    This is an older video - from my braces-wearing years - of me sneaking some self-satisfaction while my roommates were away on a shopping trip. First I show off my mesh-back panties before writhing topless on the bed while groping myself and displaying my fishnet-clad legs. I finger myself to a couple whimpering climaxes, then pull out my big realistic dildo and suck it before riding it and finally fucking myself from behind as I submit to an earth-shaking orgasm

  • Secretary POV BJ

    Cute little Secretary Lily can't help but get on her knees and indulge in her favorite pastime - staring up at you with those big brown eyes as she strokes a thick cock and shows you just how she's earned all those fast-track promotions. You'll love watching her soft lips stretch around the girth and hearing every little whimper and noise of encouragement as she tries to earn a mouthful of cum.

  • Jupiter's Slut Fetcon Fling

    The first time I met Jupiter I fell hopelessly in lust with her -those big blue eyes and long blonde hair are only the most superficial of her charms - and I couldn't wait to get her back to my room. She dressed me up in one of her nighties and we spent quite a while exploring one another. In the interest of time I culled the highlights for you to enjoy - watch us make out sweetly, teasingly grind on one another then she goes down on me until I can't take any more and we roll around until we're both entirely out of steam.She's an amazing lady and I can't wait to have another chance at seducing my way into more of her kisses.

  • Rope Harness Masturbation

    After learning how to tie my first rope body harness I had to take a moment to grab my little vibe and see how hard I could cum. With the snug blue ropes holding me tight and pressing my hard clit up for the vibe to stimulate it isn't long until I'm arching and writhing as I cum over and over again.

  • Closeup Floor Fingering

    Sometimes a girl just needs to take a while to really get in touch with get a front­row seat as I massage and pull on my hairy pussy lips before masturbating so that you can watch my pretty little pussy pulse as I cum and cum...

  • Leisurely Nightcap

    This sexy soft-focus video is all kinds of low-key...I'm curled up in my favorite flannel shirt and start by showing off my knee-high Black Widow socks, before progressing to fucking myself with my favourite little vibrating dildo. You get a front-row seat to all of my moaning, pulsating orgasms as I finger and toy myself repeatedly with my feet and calves at the forefront.

  • Toy Tryout: Her Ultimate Pleasure

    If you haven't seen the Her Ultimate Pleasure toy that's been circulating around Twitter you might be missing out - it has a fascinating combo of suction and licking action that made it a multi-orgasmic pleasure to test out. I talk you through the features before taking a moment to test it out on my wet and willing body. I start by fucking myself with the vibrating handle, then once I'm swollen and needy I seal the suction over my throbbing clit and let it lick me until I can't cum any longer.

  • Snap Show: Post-Workout Tease

    After the gym comes the shower - the slow teasing as I peel off my converse and play with my sexy feet, then lose my leggings, thong, sports bra and jacket before showing off my lithe physique. I always masturbate after working out, so I give the camera a close-up view of my pink pussy as I finger myself to a series of standing orgasms. Once I'm finally satiated I blow the camera a little kiss and hop in the shower to get all cleaned up.

  • 4K Drooling Mouth Exploration

    [custom] I love showing off my messy, dripping mouth - opening it wide to give you a view of my back molars, stretching out my lips better than any dental retractor could, sticking my long tongue out and wiggling it as the saliva drips off my chin. If you want to get a look deep inside, this is a great way to get there (and in 4K, too!).

  • Tickled on the Bed

    In the mood for almost 10 minutes of solid, uncontrollable giggling? Once the lovely Pandora - from the studio BOUND TO TICKLE - got her hands on me I barely had time to breathe in between the gales of laughter as her talented fingers explore every inch of my pale, bound body. With how I'm tied to the wrought iron bed there's plenty of room to wiggle and squirm, but no leeway to try and escape. She's a viciously enthusiastic tickler and I'm exhausted by the end of her torments.

  • Silent Sneaker Modeling

    Watch me lace up my galaxy print skater shoes then pose, flex, stretch and show off my sexy, pale calves for almost a full 10 mins. You'll get to enjoy my slim runner muscles with a split-screen view just to make sure you don't miss a single detail