• GFE Stockings Domme

    Wearing dark makeup I try on a pair of seductively high-end stockings, taking my time on pulling them up my long, pale legs before showing off my nylon-clad soles for your enjoyment. Then you get the full girlfriend treatment as I talk about what a good little bottom you are and how I'm going to gag you, wrap you up in bondage and have my way with you. Talking like this gets me insatiably turned on, so you get to watch me play with my cute little pussy and cum as I talk you through all the things I'm going to do to you when I see you again. Featuring mentions of: bondage, edging, pegging, blowjob, female domination, girlfriend domme, cuddling, positive reinforcement

  • Regretful Cheating GFE

    After a night out at the bar your girlfriend Lily is seeming a little guilty. You'd both agreed that flirting was okay, but it seems like she went a little further than that. How far did it go? She's embarassed and a little ashamed that she overstepped the boundaries of the relationship, but she can't help but own up to the fact that she's turned on by it all. (Includes: negotiably open relationship, cheating in an open relationship, description of infidelity scenario, discussion of cum eating, pet name: babe)

  • Sensual GFE Lioness Toy Show

    Laying in bed with Lily is amazing, but if you can't be there then having her talk you through how badly she wants you is definitely the next best thing. She starts off topless and sweet, then peels off her adorable bikini panties and moves you into position to perfectly watch her slide her fingers all soft and slow into her wet, pink pussy. Soon she's using her little grey rabbit vibe and sweetly begging you to make her cum, talking to you just like you were there as she grinds the toy deep into her pussy and cums hard for you.

  • Submissive GFE

    I'm aware that work has kept you away - and I know that working hard to provide for us is important - but I miss all the kinky sex we have! I dress up in my cutest black lingerie and try to tempt you into coming home early in this little video message... I talk about all the things I miss about you and all the little things you do that make me feel so submissive to you before pulling out my collar and asking you to make me yours. Once the collar is on I can't help but break your no-masturbating rule as I play with my perky breasts and sensitive nipples. Things escalate quickly after that - nipple clamps go on, I spank my inner thighs until I'm grinding against the bed with desparate need and then paddle my pale ass until I can't help it and have to slide my fingers into my wetness. I end up begging you for your dick as I fuck myself to a squirting orgasm with one of my black dildos...won't you come home and put me in my place? If you love submissive redheads, fishnet thigh highs, sloppy squirting and being called need this video.

  • GFE Vore Fantasy

    Your giant girlfriend Lily knows all about your vore fantasy where you want her to chew you up into little pieces and digest you slowly. She loves you too much to eat you just yet, so she's pulled out a few boba balls so she can give you an up close view of her sharp teeth and tongue as she bites into them slowly and shows off how she can chew them into tiny pieces (just like you) before swallowing them with a noisy gulp. The whole time she talks to you about how hard it would be to escape as she chews on you just to hear you squirm between her teeth.

  • Sleepy GFE

    Ever wanted to snuggle up close to me, hold my hand and hear me murmur sweet nothings as we cum from some mutual masturbation? In this sweet POV clip we hold hands in bed while I touch myself - playing with my sensitive pink nipples before sliding my hand beneath the sheets and stroking myself to a soft orgasm - as I talk you through the things I love about fucking you and encourage you to touch yourself alongside me as we unwind from a long day together. This clip is gender-neutral

  • GFE Lily Begs for Cum

    Lily's all alone and feeling desperately needy...listen to her softly tell you all the ways she misses you - including a vividly dirty explanation of how to go down on her - before transitioning into a sensually narrated POV virtual sex session that ends with her begging you for a deep creampie (and finger fucking the cum out afterwards). By the end she's the disheveled, well-fucked girlfriend you hoped for...if you've ever wondered what it'd be like to have this lithe, vocal redhead orgasming underneath you, this is one clip you can't afford to miss.

  • Resign Yourself to My Hairy Armpits

    It's time for a sexy sit-down chat and I'm even wearing your favorite lingerie while we talk. The downside is, I haven't shaved my hairy armpits even though I know you hate them. After seeing your reaction I lay down the law - my unshaven underarms are here to stay, no matter what you say, and if you want to cum to my sexy tits you're going to have to do it while staring at my furry pits. I'm not being mean about it, you just have to make peace with the fact that the new status quo involves you staring at my luscious armpit hair while you cum and my dirty talk is here to help ease the way.

  • Lovingly Cuckolded Pt 01 4K

    It's Valentine's Day and you're the sweetest, most devoted partner - you set up flowers and cute little plushies by the bed and you're waiting for me at a nice restaurant for our date - but it seems like I'm just not enthused about your offering. So while you're waiting at that wonderfully romantic restaurant for our date I'm recording a heart to heart for you to watch...and it turns out I'm treating myself to the present I really wanted all along. I make sure to reassure you of how loved you are and how much of a good provider you are as I pull out my boy toy's beautifully engorged cock. You get to watch as I stroke and lick it, throughly enjoying my Valentine's treat while you can only watch helplessly. Features: small cock humiliation, GFE cuckold, inadquate boyfriend, condescending blowjob, cheating, Jonah Pilgrim

  • Cuckold Before & After

    It's so sweet of you to let your girlfriend go out on a date like this! I chat with you as I'm getting ready, telling you about my plans for the evening and having you help me pick out which pair of underwear for beneath my dress. I also check back in with you after my date, showing off my lack of panties and telling you just how amazing all the sex was. Features: pet name