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Lily O'Riley - Search Results


  • Close-Up Dirty Feet Show with JOI

    Lily's got a pair of dirty soles and a deep desire to tease someone with a foot fetish, so it looks like it's your lucky day! She starts off with showing her wrinkly soles and talking about how soft and sexy they'd be wrapped around your cock, then shows off the smooth pale tops of her feet before returning to her soles and so sweetly taking you through a soft and sexy JOI with her wrinkly soles front and center so you can watch them flex as she begs you to dirty them up with your cum. If you'd like something special, why not contact me for a custom? MANYVIDS ONLY (INCLUDE BELOW DESCRIPTION): / Lily O'Riley - LilyOhRiley -

  • Resign Yourself to My Hairy Armpits

    It's time for a sexy sit-down chat and I'm even wearing your favorite lingerie while we talk. The downside is, I haven't shaved my hairy armpits even though I know you hate them. After seeing your reaction I lay down the law - my unshaven underarms are here to stay, no matter what you say, and if you want to cum to my sexy tits you're going to have to do it while staring at my furry pits. I'm not being mean about it, you just have to make peace with the fact that the new status quo involves you staring at my luscious armpit hair while you cum and my dirty talk is here to help ease the way.

  • Eye Contact Masturbation Encouragement

    Lily knows how much you love the way she watches you, so gaze into her rich brown eyes and let your mind melt into her soft voice as she talks you through touching yourself and cumming for her. Imagine gazing into her eyes as she leans in to kiss you or looking down into them as she's on her knees with her mouth wrapped around you. Give in to the need to gaze into her eyes as you touch yourself, letting the weight of her focus become the only thing in your mind as she leads you into making yourself cum for her viewing pleasure. feat. Gender Neutral pov, light asmr/mesmerize themes


    Your sweet girlfriend has surprised you wearing sexy red lingerie with her bountiful tits on display and an unexpected message - she's finally ready to explore your tit fetish and desire to eat your own cum, so sit back and let her guide you to an intense orgasm with her sensual, soft-spoken voice. She starts off fondling her tits through the lacy red top, talking about how sexy it would be to have you slide your cock into the exposed cleavage and fuck into them until you spray you cum all over her neck and face. As she talks she strips out of the top, teasing you by slowly exposing her soft, round breasts and perfect pink nipples while exhorting you to suck on them while you stroke yourself. You really can't resist cumming for her, so you'll do what she says.

  • GFE Lily Begs for Cum

    Lily's all alone and feeling desperately needy...listen to her softly tell you all the ways she misses you - including a vividly dirty explanation of how to go down on her - before transitioning into a sensually narrated POV virtual sex session that ends with her begging you for a deep creampie (and finger fucking the cum out afterwards). By the end she's the disheveled, well-fucked girlfriend you hoped for...if you've ever wondered what it'd be like to have this lithe, vocal redhead orgasming underneath you, this is one clip you can't afford to miss.

  • Underwhelmed and Unimpressed

    Well, you're certainly not what I expected. Once I realize that your equiptment simply isn't large enough verbal degradation ensues, followed by some taunting stroke instructions and a short countdown before I kick you out to go find a better lay

  • Punishing the Panty Stealer

    The family reunion is absolutely the wrong place to try to get laid (unless you're Cousin Vinnie, as you can see from STEP COUSIN TABOO HOOKUP) and it seems like he's back for more. After our last encounter I just can't find any of my panties even though I know I packed enough for the whole reunion and when I'm about to give up my annoying step-cousin comes in with one of my dirty pairs pressed up against his face! I can't have him running away with all my underwear, so I decide to punish him by sitting on his face. Maybe if he gets tired of the way my pussy tastes I can actually keep my dirty panties in the laundry for once. As you can expect, this backfires splendidly and I wind up grinding and cumming all over my step-cousins face before throwing him out of the room when I can't take any more. Featuring: Vinnie O'Neill

  • Gloves & Boots JOI

    The seductive allure of my knee high leather boots and elbow-length satin gloves is more than you can resist. You're consumed by thoughts of kissing your way up the smooth expanse, rubbing your cock against the leather before feeling my silky hands against you. Just give in - listen to my soft voice as I talk you through the dual pleasures I offer as I draw you deeper into the grasp of your fetish and my desire.

  • Fuck Me on Campus

    Even smart girls need to get laid sometimes - I show off the cute little buttplug that I wear to class and then tell you about how I'd love you to fuck me in the lecture hall or over a desk or anywhere else that a little slut like me deserves it. All this talking gets me worked up enough that I just have to fuck myself with my pretty pink dildo and ends up with a delightful squirting orgasm all over my thighs.

  • Chubby Pillowhump

    Showing off my chubby little tummy for you got me all kinds of turned on, so I snug my far-too-tight shorts up against my pussy and grind on a purloined pillow (while groping all my sexy belly squish) so you can watch.

  • 8 Days of Hanukkah: Day 06

    Lily has a loose grasp on the idea of Hanukkah (mostly that it involves 8 days of giving presents) and really wants to be a supportive girlfriend and help you celebrate, so she's going to treat you to something sexy every day. On the 6th day she surprises you with one of her favorite things, wrapping her manicured nails around your cock and stroking it as she takes you into her mouth. She lovingly kisses and licks her way along your head and shaft, taking you to the edge and over until she entices you to spill your cum all over her hands.

  • Snap Show: Long Distance Girlfriend

    Your girlfriend Lily loves snapping you when you can't be home with her and today that means stripping out of her casual t-shirt and jeans as she reminisces about how much she misses your lips on her skin. Soon her soft spoken sweet talk gets her all riled up and she can't help but show you the way her fingers slide soft into her wet little pussy as she cums to you over and over again. *Discounted due to audio glitches* This clip is gender-neutral

  • Post Filming Mustang Dildo Masturbation

    After a long day of filming Lily's naked, soaking wet and desperate to cum over and over again so she wastes no time in grabbing a little dildo and driving it deep in her needy pussy as she lets a stream of dirty talk fall from her mouth. Soon she's cumming hard, alternating between teasing her hot little cunt and fucking herself hard and fast until she soaks the bed. She really does beg so prettily with her soles in the air and a hard cock buried deep in her needy hole, don't you think? feat. Chocolate Mustang from Vixen Creations

  • 8 Days of Hanukkah: Day 07

    Lily has a loose grasp on the idea of Hanukkah (mostly that it involves 8 days of giving presents) and really wants to be a supportive girlfriend and help you celebrate, so she's going to treat you to something sexy every day. On the 7th day she surprises you with a little role reversal; it seems like all of these days have been so focused on getting you off, so for today she'd love to have you slip your fingers inside her pretty pink pussy and make her cum for you, as well.

  • Curiously Clamped

    Just bought my first set of clover clamps and I couldn't wait to try them enjoy every gasp and moan as I talk my way through putting them on and proceed to politely rub one out just off screen, so that the focus remains on my clamped nipples and every nuanced reaction.

  • 8 Days of Hanukkah: Day 03

    Lily has a loose grasp on the idea of Hanukkah (mostly that it involves 8 days of giving presents) and really wants to be a supportive girlfriend and help you celebrate, so she's going to treat you to something sexy every day. On the 3rd day she surprises you with a sweet, tits-out handjob while wearing nothing but a sexy lace bodysuit and knee-high socks in festive colors. Her fresh manicure looks so good wrapped around your cock as she teases and strokes you into cumming all over her seductive pale fingers.

  • St Paddy's Morning After

    After their St Paddy's bar hookup all Lily wants to do is sleep off her hangover and catch an uber home, but Vinnie O'Neil is determined to get every possible second of play out of her before she leaves. She tries to ignore his unwanted advances and sleep in, but he pushes his hands into her clothes - toying with her pussy and tugging up her shirt to show off her puffy pink nipples - before grabbing her by the jaw and pressing kisses to her pliant (and decidedly reluctant) mouth. As he works his thick finger inside her tight, barely-awake pussy he locks her leg between his so she can't escape, pounding it into her unrelentingly until she can't help but cum with her dirty soles on embarassing display.

  • Foot Fetish JOI

    [custom] While at a photoshoot my photographer grabbed a phone and asked me to see if I could pull off a foot-focused JOI - for my first time (ever!) talking my way through my favorite fetish I think I did a really good job! It's a soft, encouraging scenario where I finally call out the fact that you've been fantasizing about my feet for so long, talking you through the thought of worshipping my soles and letting me give you a sexy little footjob, ending with a cum countdown that will leave you feeling wonderfully drained.

  • Snap Show: Babydoll Lingerie

    Putting on my see-through lingerie feels so sensual that I can't help but run my hands all over and tease you with how gorgeous the sheer grey looks against my pale skin. I tease myself through the thin panties and narrate exactly how I want you to touch me as I do so. Soon I'm rubbing my clit and cumming over and over for you, letting you watch as I quiver and moan. I know you love seeing my pink pussy open up when I rub my clit from behind, so I hop up on the bed and roughly finger my g-spot until I can't take any more.

  • Pussy Grip Dildo RIding

    Sometimes all I want to do is stuff my mouth with a lovely cock, so this lucky guy got to run the camera as I give him the slow, methodical blowjob that we both needed. I take my time kissing my way down his thighs, then licking and sucking his balls before showing off my sexy deep-throating skills. I alternate between stroking his dick with my beautifully manicured hands and attempting to suck his soul out through his cock. When he can't hold on any longer I get my wish and he cums all over my face.