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Lily O'Riley - Search Results


  • ANAL ly Taking the Alien Probe Thing

    Summertime is for quickies, especially when they include the awesome ANAL Probe Thing toy - I start up already naked and lube up the massive toy before working on slowly introducing it into my tight little asshole. I can't believe how tight I am, so I grab my cordless Hitachi and use it to relax a little as I struggle to stuff the huge toy inside me. I didn't have the stamina to take the whole thing, but just the stretch of trying to accommodate the girthy head with the vibe pressed tight against my clit was enough to trigger a super intense orgasm. (and I even give the toy a cute little lick at the end before showing off my stretched hole)

  • Toy Tryout: Double Dildo DP

    In the interest of working through my toy tryouts a bit quicker I've decided to tackle this pair of toys at the same time! In my standard toy tryout style I start off talking about the two dildos and comparing them before deciding what's going to go where. From there we start vaginally, sliding one sleek toy inside and talking you through how it feels inside me, before nervously lubing up my ass and working the second dildo inside. After that it starts with ANAL orgasms followed by even more orgasms (and so much messy squirting) once I stuff my pussy full and begin fucking both holes at once. (To date, this is the only double-penetration video I've ever filmed.)

  • Perfectly Pink Plugged

    Sometimes you just need a little stress relief ­ I've got my cute pink plug stuffed in my hairy ass while I grind on my trusty vibrator...and I make sure you get a great view of the whole process

  • Snap Show: Wednesday Quickie

    Even busy days aren't enough to keep me from getting naked for my super awesome snap friends! I decide to indulge in something rare and pull out one of my favorite little buttplugs to stretch out my tight asshole, giving you a perfect view as I slowly work it in before fingering my cute little pussy with my soles in full view. I'm still so needy after I cum from my fingers, so I just have to grab my vibrators - first the pinpoint one and then my wand - to get every possible orgasm I can. You can hear how wet my pussy gets as I drive my fingers deep inside as you follow along while I twitch and cum until I'm exhausted. *DISCOUNTED DUE TO MODERATE AUDIO GLITCHES* feat. Zumio X & Rechargable Hitachi vibrators

  • Post-Shower Masturbation

    Ever wondered what it looks like when I'm getting off just for the hell of it? I'm fresh out of the shower, with no makeup on and barely unwrapped from my towel before I grab a bullet vibe and proceed to tease out every orgasm I can stand. The afternoon sun illuminates my creamy skin perfectly as I arch and writhe through a whole series of orgasms. Finally I give in to the temptation to slip a gentle finger in my ass as the vibrator throws me into a desperate, leg-quivering orgasm. I drag out the sensations, winding up facedown with my ass in the air and my fingers buried in my hungry little asshole. I literally cum until I can't take any more, so if you're into watching orgasms without artifice and appreciate the authenticity of a no-makeup, masturbation session this is definitely a clip for you.

  • Changing of the Guard

    If you love feet and like little pink plugs then this is definitely the video for you - I've got my cute wiggly toes and soles right up in the camera as I put my clit ring and adorable pink plugs on display. (You can actually see them pulse as I orgasm, which is pretty cute.) I then swap out my little pink butt plug for a slightly bigger one while rubbing my glistening pussy to one final orgasm.

  • Black Vibe Pale Skin

    My favourite blanket, my trusty black vibe and just a little booty fingering are the perfect combination for a series of shuddering orgasms.