• Sensual Red Balloon

    I'm in the mood to play with a squishy friend, so I take my time sensually blowing up a red latex balloon as I appreciate the squeak and shine. (I'm having so much fun you can see my nipples are hard by the time I get it blown big and round) Then I play a little, stroking my pale skin before slipping out of the stretchy spandex thong that hugged my hips and grabbing a bottle of lube. My long sexy toes caress the balloon, resting on top while I get nice and soaked and ready to play. Once we're both wet I start off by gently rubbing its surface against my pussy (you can barely see the details through the stretched latex) but quickly move to grinding down on the balloon as I kneel over it. As I get closer to cumming from the slick sensations I lose my top, giving myself over to the feeling as I moan and bring myself to a soft, shudering orgasm. Afterwards I lick the balloon clean, loving the taste of myself off its smooth, shiny surface. This just gets me turned on all over again and I have to spin around, bouncing my pussy on the balloon until I cum again and again, giving you the perfect view of my soft, round ass as I ride my little latex lover to satiation.

  • Balloon Bounce to Pop

    There's something so sexy about BALLOONS , so I take a moment to play with three of them that I'd blown up just for the occasion. I hump the first one, grinding my needy pussy on it until the pressure of chasing my satisfaction pops it out from underneath me. The second I ride in reverse so you can watch my perky, thong-clad ass bounce and jiggle as I grind down until it's forced to pop as well. And the third I ride in a squatting position while I fondle my tits, but it pops so quickly compared to the other two. If you enjoy lewd balloon riding, sexy readheads in thongs and three loud, startling pops then you need this in your life.

  • Balloon Inflation

    I really adore making looner content, so whenever I have an excuse to play with BALLOONS I love to take it! Today that means I'm spending a morning braless and curled up on a chaise lounge while I gently blow up a handful of traditional latex BALLOONS until they're as full as I can safely get them before tying them off and setting them aside. No pops in this video!

  • Blowing BALLOONS

    Sensually inflating BALLOONS is one of my favorite pastimes - you can hear every breath as they expand and I lovingly fill them to capacity before tying them off and gently placing them on the floor. Staying topless means the late-afternoon sun highlights my breasts in warm golden tones as they rise and fall with each inflating exhale. The squeaking of the full BALLOONS against my skin is unbearably erotic - you need this one for your own.

  • Overinflation Balloon Blowing

    30 minutes and 14 stretched out, full-necked BALLOONS . It's a massive amount of looner inflation content at a very reasonable price, so you definitely want this one for your collection.

  • Post-Balloon Popping Dildofuck

    After destroying a massive amount of BALLOONS during one of my balloon popping clips I was so turned on that I had to grab a realistic dildo and my hitachi wand to noisily satisfy myself while sitting amidst the latex remnants.

  • Balloon Riding

    I've recently started exploring my newfound enjoyment of BALLOONS ...and tonight was all about grinding, humping and rubbind my way to some sexy, squeaky orgasms in a variety of positions.

  • Overinflation Popping

    Love watching overinflated BALLOONS unexpectedly explode? I give you fifteen and a half minutes of pops as I squish, squash and stomp 24 different BALLOONS into oblivion while showing off my long sexy toes and perfectly polished toenails.