Triad Camshow Compilation - John King Cut

Portfolio Preview

[Audio is slightly offset due to being a cam recording] One of the best parts of attending conventions is meeting awesome people (and getting them naked). Last time I attended Exxxotica I met the gorgeous Lianna Lawson and the delightfully fun John King, which led to us doing a triad camshow after the con closed for the evening. The camshow was too long to send out in its entirety, so I've picked my favorite moments from the over 2 hours of filming from that night. If you're into watching cis girl + trans girl + cis boy threesomes, you really can't afford to miss this once-in-a-lifetime encounter. This delightfully blowjob-centric compilation focuses on the sexy ginger, John King - he gets his gorgeous cock sucked by myself and Lianna, goes down on her and even lets me rim him a bit. The dick-sucking in this is absolutely beautiful - blowjob aficionados absolutely need this one in their collection.