Toy Tryout: Doxy + Rauchana

Portfolio Preview

Today I'm all about the multitasksing - dressed up in some sexy thigh-high socks I'm on a mission to get my panties nice and soaked before sending them off to their new owner by grinding my doxy wand into my clit as I cum and cum and cum. I lose track of the orgasms as I roll from my back onto my knees and ride it with a single-minded dedication. Soaking the panties aren't enough for my needy libido, though, so I grab the Rauchana from Xenocat Artifacts and tease my swollen pussy with its soft alien form. As I drive the strangely shaped dildo deep into my needy cunt it drags a series of squirting orgasms out of me and I make sure to give you a close up view as it fucks me hard and fast until I'm a soaking mess.